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Our Process:


Initial Application

Fill out our simple online application so we can learn a little more about your business. We know what numbers make the most sense for successfully working with Flourish, and we don't string folks along for the sake of building our client list. We maintain an incredibly small clientele, which allows our service to shine and, if accepted, your business to Flourish.



Next we set a time to interview. Depending on the nature of your business, this might include webchat, phone calls, site visits or other forms of connecting. This process can take several meetings and is designed to understand your business well in order to demonstrate exactly how we would help your business.



If we feel that you are a good fit, we will make an offer. This will include the full scope of what we propose to do to Flourish your business and the requirements to facilitate the program.



We think you're great. You think we're great. Now sit back and let our team of experts take over the sales and marketing efforts. You execute your business and follow through to make happy clients. Together we achieve more and your business Flourishes like never before.

808.856.9692   |    HELLO@NowWeFlourish.COM  

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